Support. Educate. Empower.


We are a group of Latina women, mothers and business owners who love to work with pregnant and new moms, offering services that foster a positive and empowering journey into motherhood. We have come together as the Latina Mothers Collaborative to support each other in our businesses as well as to better connect with those who need and want our services. From birth workers to photographers, and everything in between, we hope to make our services especially available to our Latina community in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. We recognize the unique needs of Latina mothers, and try to offer services that are sensitive to those needs. Our intentions are to create spaces, digitally, physically and otherwise that will allow us to share that vast collection of knowledge we have gained through our professional trainings, as well as our experience as mothers. From our hearts to yours we open ourselves to you the community and hope you will look to us as dependable and credible sources of knowledge regarding pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

We are currently holding monthly events in Long Beach and the surrounding area to create space to discuss themes of motherhood particular to Latinas. Please take a look at our events page for more info on these.


We continue to work on our website,

but please feel free to learn more about our Core members and contact us with any questions.